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The Big-D

Defeating Diabetes through Diet

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions and, in the UK alone, as many as 400 people are diagnosed with this condition every day. The number of diabetics is spiralling out of control with as many as 347 million diabetics in 2011.

Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes (type 2) goes hand in hand with increased body weight and an unhealthy diet. Lifestyle is the single most important factor in the development of this disease and it can dictate whether you stay healthy or develop diabetes. But, most importantly, a change in lifestyle can help you get healthy again.

About the D-Diet

Our D-Diet is specifically tailored to the needs of diabetics and has been shown to be able to reverse diabetes and enable many patients to be taken off their medication. The D-Diet strikes right at the core of the condition and is more effective that any current mainstream recommendations. It also prevents further health complications common for diabetes (heart and circulation problems, kidney disease, eyesight deterioration, etc.).

D-Diet Success Story

Peter Scott from Preston in Lancashire had been suffering under the weight of type 2 diabetes for ten years - until he started following a unique new diet aimed at combating the disease. Read more

Start the D-Diet today!

Whether you have diabetes or are at risk, try our D-Diet for at least four weeks and see the results for yourself. We offer a range of materials to help you, including:

  • Report: a scientific report, The Big-D: Defeating Diabetes through Diet, explaining the science behind the diet
  • Guide: an easy-to-read guide, The Big-D: defeating diabetes with the D-Diet, offering basic information about diabetes and diet, shopping and cooking tips and a week's worth of recipes
  • Fact sheet: a fact sheet, The Big-D: Defeating diabetes through diet, summarising all you need to know about the D-Diet
  • D-Pack: a special pack at a special price if you pledge to follow the D-Diet for four weeks. It contains: the report, the guide, a colourful wall-chart with basic nutrients for every day, a feedback form, a telephone number for nutritional enquiries and access to our recipe club
  • Feedback form: when you start the D-Diet, we'd like to ask you to fill out the form by adding a little bit of information to it each day. It is very important for you to track your progress and keep motivated. When you have completed the four weeks, please send the form back to us because we want to know how your journey with the D-Diet went and hear about your experience.